The Siamese Collection – An exotic trip

Take part in an unforgettable journey as you step into the Siamese Collection. Discover a treasure chest of stuffed animals and ethnographic artifacts from Siam (present-day Thailand). Come to the museum and enjoy free entrance!

The faraway exhibition

Be welcomed by a gilded Buddha as you enter the exotic exhibition. Wander through the rooms and find the black ibis, fish owl, and sparrow hawk. Continue the visit and get lost between the hunting trophies gathered by adventurer Rasmus Havmøller: a brown crocodile skin, two chalk-white crocodile skulls, and the head of a rhinoceros bird. Learn the story of Havmøller, who came to Siam in 1914 with the East Asian Company and returned to Denmark in 1933, ill with malaria. See the personal photos of the energetic and determined local globetrotter and his family. Look at the objects gathered by the enigmatic man according to his interests: specimens, utensils, ceramics, stone tools, and many more. Stroll from deer antlers and the head of a Malay bear to the buffalo skulls with dark horns before taking a look at two large images from the hunting life of Havmøller. Immerse in the true collection of a faraway land and rest assured you will never forget it.

The unique collection

Rasmus Havmøller and his Siamese wife, Nang Boon Sri, gathered the artifacts in the collection during the twenty years he spent in Siam, from 1914 to 1933. The collection was donated to Museum Østjylland around the beginning of the 21st century. Most parts of the exhibition remain as they were, except for the adding of the stories and listening stations about Rasmus Havmøller and his adventurous life.

The museum building

Ebeltoft Museum existed since 1909 and bought the building that houses the collection around 1940. The same year Rasmus Havmøller's collection from Siam was exhibited here. Today you can still visit the old half-timbered house from the 18th century, where you will find the most magnificent collection of Buddhas and Siamese Antiquity tools as well. Here you can also see the old post office or just sit in the outdoors, relax, and enjoy a beautiful day at the museum.


The buildings hosting the Siamese Collection and the Post Office are closed now due to renovation and are to be reopened in 2022.


The museum has free admission to all exhibitions. Besides the exhibitions, you can also pay a visit to our small shop at the reception where you can get presents for your family and friends.

Opening hours

You can visit the museum:

  • From September 1 to May 31, Thursday to Sunday, 12 - 15.
  • From June 1 to August 31, Tuesday to Sunday, 10 - 16.


The museum is located in Juulsbakke 1, 8400 Ebeltoft.