Randers City Archives – Reconnecting with the past

Visit the Randers City Archives and delve into the history of Randers as you learn how today’s city was made in the past. Search a historical collection that includes maps, building plans, newspapers, drawings, government records, a library, and an extensive photo archive. Get in touch with us for more information, for example, if you wish to find your Danish Relatives.

The collection

Randers City Archives acquires a variety of records that document the city's history. Randers City Archives collection of documents, photos, etc., tells the story about Randers and the area around. Our archivists ensure that these records are preserved so that future researchers, historians, and anyone interested in the story of Randers and its citizens can access these valuable primary and secondary sources.

The municipality's various departments and institutions deliver their papers to Randers City Archives, which preserves what is of historical interest. Randers City Archives also contains local historical material from private individuals, associations, and companies and is freely accessible to all citizens.


Povl von Spreckelsen established Randers City Archives in 1954. The idea of creating the historical archive came after von Spreckelsen published a book on the history of Randers. He was aware that local history would interest the public and he decided to preserve local historical material. Randers City Archives became part of Randers Museum, of which von Spreckelsen was chairman. At present, the archives also preserve documents that are created by the municipal administration.


Admission to the archives is free, and you can come to search materials either Tuesdays from 13:00 to 16:00 or Thursdays from 11:00 to 16:00.

Randers City Archives are closed throughout July, December 24 to January 1, May 1, and June 5.

The records and printed materials are not for home loans. You can order and purchase photocopies from the collection.


You are welcome to contact us by email at randers.stadsarkiv@museumoj.dk or tel. 8712 2648.

Note: There may be waiting time in connection with the processing of municipal records as well as certain private records.

Where do you find us?

Randers City Archives are located in Kulturhuset, Stemannsgade 2, 8900 Randers C.