The Old Town Hall – A reminder of the old days

Visit an idyllic old building, which is located in the central square of Ebeltoft. Known all throughout Denmark, the Old Town Hall is surrounded by beautiful well-kept houses from the old times and here you can find out how the city was administered in the past. Enjoy free entrance as you wander through the guardroom, the wedding chamber, or the dungeons where prisoners were held.

The living rooms

Step into the romantic and gorgeous chamber where wedding ceremonies still take place! See the portraits of the former kings of Denmark and imagine how it once was to lead the town from this building. Then set foot in the smaller living room where you can discover how the Danes lived back in the good old days. Look at traditional costumes and ways of living as you get a glance at the 20th century interpretation of a Molbo living room cut directly from the 19th century.

The guardroom

Visit the guardroom where you learn about the town’s guards and firefighters. Read their stories and look at the objects they used to protect the city from outlaws and fires.

The dungeons

Descend into the dungeons and embark on a trip to the dark side of life. Imagine how prisoners were kept as you see the chains that held them tied to the prison and the cold and dark rooms that became their home once they were imprisoned.

A short history of the building

Located in the middle of the old town of Ebeltoft, the Old Town Hall was built in 1789, roughly on the same site where the first town from 1576 stood. The building was in use until 1840 when it became too small to host the administrative issues. From 1840 until the restoration that took place between 1906-1909, it functioned as a private residence, and the town’s guards and firefighters had a guard here. Even more, a lending library was also housed here for a while. After the restoration, the Old Town Hall housed the Ebeltoft Museum.


Many civil marriages still take place at the Old Town Hall. Therefore, you should bear in mind that the first opening hours, on Saturdays, are often occupied by weddings. If you wish to get more information on that, you should direct your questions to Syddjurs Municipality tel. 8753 5000.

Opening hours

You can visit the Old Town Hall as follows:

  • From September 1 to May 31, Thursday to Sunday, 12 - 15.
  • From June 1 to August 31, Tuesday to Sunday, 10 - 16.


The museum has free admission to all exhibitions.


The museum is located in Juulsbakke 1, 8400 Ebeltoft.