Museum Østjylland Grenaa – A glance through the past

Discover the histories of Djursland and Norddjurs in permanent and temporary exhibitions with free entrance for all visitors. Get a glimpse of the past and reconnect with its depths as you go through an interactive museum stay.

Four roads to Norddjurs

Grasp the history of Norddjursland in a permanent exhibition that will transport you through 10,000 years of history, showing how people have lived since the Stone Age, all backed by digital installations. Embark on a cultural-historical journey as you first hear the story of the Sea, a natural element that has had a huge impact on the lands in the area. Explore tales about the Lime and other raw materials utilized by the landowners. Listen to the histories of the Earth and escape the great sand disaster, also known as the Nordic Pompeii. Visit the Market Town of Grenaa and learn about trade and crafts. Even more, kids can also have fun here as they follow Hugo throughout the exhibition, make experiments in the laboratory, or change music at the interactive turntable.

Visits at Museum Østjylland Grenaa

We are waiting for you at the museum location in Søndergade 1, 8500 Grenaa. You will enjoy free entrance and you can come to visit during the following opening hours:

  • Tuesday - Sunday, 10 - 16. Monday closed.
  • The museum is open on Tuesday and Wednesday in January, February and March 2022.
  • Open all days of the week in weeks 7 and 42 and the 2nd day of Easter, 10 - 16.
  • Closed January 1, May 1, Pentecost 2, June 5 (Constitution Day), and December 24 to December 31.