Museum Østjylland – An everlasting museum experience

Do you look for the unforgettable? At Museum Østjylland, we make sure you have an immersive museum visit no matter where you see our exhibitions.

With a presence in 3 cities and 8 locations, we offer you diverse and interactive exhibits from antiquity to present.

Discover stories that will take you through a journey across thousands of years and objects covered by the patina of time. Besides regular museum visits, you can also enjoy family events with free entrance. Even more, kids can also have fun in our museums, where they can go on treasure hunting, play with interactive objects, or dress up like people from the past.

Embark on a voyage through the past

With us, you will never get bored. Whether you want to wander around from an object to another or listen to the captivating narratives of people living in the old times, you will find both classic and modern exhibits built on advanced research and top-notch technologies.

Sign up for a voyage where you learn about the dramatized experiences of people from different times. Find out how they lived, what their customs were, and what they did for a living.

Learn about your family’s ancestors

Beyond the old and contemporary exhibitions, you can also dive into the archives in Randers and Ebeltoft to find personal and family history material. Get to know who your ancestors were and reconnect with your roots.

Uncover the life of the city you live in, as it was decades or hundreds of years ago. Search the collection of photographs, local maps, and property and institution records to comprehend the old times.

Unfold mysterious stories of the old times

Go into the depths of the past by visiting our shops. Access a treasure chest of knowledge as you come across our books and catalogues related to our exhibitions.

Our regular products include exciting museum jewelry, colorful textiles, real-size crafting tools, fun toys, and tasty delicacies.

Visit our free exhibitions

Come to our locations in Randers, Ebeltoft, and Grenaa. You will enjoy free entrance to all the museums, library and shop venues, and archives. So get prepared for an experience you and your loved ones will never forget!