Crafts Museum – A living history encounter

Get a glimpse of living craft history in a free entrance museum that houses workshops that narrate about the market town’s old crafts. Learn about the work of blacksmiths and carpenters from experienced artisans that will show you how people were working back in the old days when they are at the museum. When the volunteers are away, you can still wander through the exhibition. Even more, kids can also have fun here, especially during the holidays when special events with free entrance are organized for them. Read more below about a selection of the workshops we have in store for you at the museum.

The blacksmith’s workshop

Enter the blacksmith’s workroom and find out how iron objects were forged in the past. Meet the blacksmith as he hammers on the anvil while telling you the story of how horseshoes were made back in the good times. See the famous horse statue that once could be found in Randers and take a picture with it. If you’re bringing your children, they will love it too.

The hairdresser’s salon

Discover how people liked to have their hair cut from the hairdresser who’s ready to also tell you about the wigs that had all shapes and colors. Look at scissors and combs while the hairdresser explains how haircuts are done with these instruments, which are still used today.

The printing press

Grasp the hidden process for making newspapers and books. Explore all the different inscription formats used in the making of magazines and pick up on which appear in the press today. Try out the printing press with the help of the workshop supervisor. The machine is friendly for kids too, so let them have their share of fun.

The glove maker’s atelier

Listen to the glove maker stories about the Randers Handkser, the oldest gloves factory in Northern Europe. Get a hang of how patterns and stitches are made, and witness for yourself how the glove maker brings a glove to life at the sewing machine. Besides, you can also find out about leather clothes made at the factory in the city. The atelier is friendly for kids too, as they can also try on gloves.

Visits at the Crafts Museum

The entrance is free at the museum, which is housed in a grain warehouse in Lille Rosengård 16, 8900 Randers C. You can visit the museum on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, between 12:00 and 16:00.

We look forward to seeing you there!