Museum Østjylland Randers – Travelling through history

Delve into the histories of Randers’ past. Meet the Stone Age hunters who lived more than 13,000 years ago or the medieval people who lived centuries ago. Discover the more recent story of Randers that became a large municipality at the end of the 20th century.

Life by the fjord

Search for the mammoth tooth and then take a journey through the lives of the first hunters who settled in the area after the Ice Age. Get closer to the ways of the men of the past and see the traces they left behind: amber pearls, beautiful jewelry, flint, bronze and iron weapons, and expensive offerings. Be amazed by the story of the Auning woman who cannot hide her pain even when centuries have passed since her death. Travel through time with the Vikings, who sailed to trade and loot, and learn their histories from the interactive rune stone. Reflect on the differences and similarities between then and now as you get to know the changes that have happened around Randers Fjord.

Medieval people

Go back to the fascinating Middle Ages where you will meet proud knights on horseback and poor shoemakers. Look at their swords and sewing needles as you are immersed in a lively exhibition where you can also trace how different objects were made or admire textiles of the old times. Kids will also enjoy this part of the museum as they can dress up as monks or noblemen or play medieval games.

Silver collection

Meet the best-known silversmiths of Randers (Peder Olufsen Blix, Peter Normand, Christian Pedersen Høvring and Jørgen Friis) in an exhibition where their art catches your eye. Wavy cutlery, ornamented teapots and rococo coffeepots recreate the universe of the wealthy people that once lived in Randers.

From the commercial town to the industrial city

Say hello to the merchants and craftsmen, to the office workers and factory owners as you embark on a trip through different periods of Randers’ history. Find the objects that tell the history of the welfare state that washed over the city after World War II. See, among others, railway carriages from the Scandia train factory, the machine worker apprentice’s bicycle, or the lunch box and pay bags from the crisis years of the 1930s.

The Buhl living rooms

Look into a bourgeois Randers home from the beginning of the 20th century. District Attorney Paul Buhl and Mrs. Johanne Buhl donated the rooms on display to Randers Municipality. Artists such as Rembrandt, Kyhn, Marstrand, and Skovgaard decorate the living rooms with over 300 works of art. So, get ready for an amazing artistic experience.

The wheel of time

Enter the wheel of time and see highlights from the museum’s permanent exhibitions on a large panoramic screen. Decide what you want to experience. You can meet the ancient wizard and chief, follow the pilgrim, or watch Karen Rasmusdatter's distinguished silver jug. When the permanent exhibitions are not on the screen, you will find highlights of the temporary ones.

Where can you find us?


Museum Østjylland - Randers

Stemannsgade 2

8900 Randers C

Open: Tuesday - Sunday kl. 10–16.

Entrance: admission is free.